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Redman Reveals Why He Refused To Film 50 Cents 'Power' 👀

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We all loved seeing Redman in 'How High', 'Scary Movie', and his infamous appearance on 'MTV Cribs'. But have you ever wondered what this Jersey hip hop legend has been up to? I had the pleasure of catching up with him this year during a Super Bowl event at Consumption Park, AZ. 🎉

Redman’s new political party and their love for the green. 💚 Its always exciting when were not only getting high, but talking solutions and breaking down the consistent barriers in this underdeveloped industry. Redman, who you may know as the hilarious actor, rapper, and creative mogul, is also a proud advocate for the legalization of marijuana. 💪

Click photo to hear Redman speaking on his political party 🍃

United Empowerment Party

So what's the deal? Redman and co-founder Sephida Artis-Mills started the "United Empowerment Party". The UEP is a federally recognized political party dedicated to first uniting the cannabis industry to protect small businesses along the supply chain from being pushed out by large corporations, excessive taxes and other regulatory conditions that make access limited to those who are economically disadvantaged. With the power to elect their candidate to the Presidents chair, UEP pushes equity empowerment, representation, advocacy and restorative justice for ALL! 🇺🇸

This political party isn't just about getting high though. One point Doc touched on in this interview is that we shouldn't be smoking Mary Jane just to get faded. Cannabis is truly a healing plant and science has just scratched the surface on the many layers of benefits. Respecting it as medicine helps the stigma surrounding it change so one day we can say "it's federally legally to consume my medicine". This powerhouse organization is also pushing for policies to ensure that people who have been convicted for non-violent cannabis-related crimes can have their records expunged. Real justice! 💼

They're also advocating for cannabis to be included medically. For people who use cannabis for medical reasons, UEP advocates that insurance companies provide coverage of the costs for those who cannot afford to purchase it. This is necessary for people who are suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, and other medical conditions. In addition they believe the legalization of cannabis can boost the economy and provide new jobs. I don't know about you, but I think it's high time for a change! 💥

Why Redman Said NO to 'Power Book II'

In this revealing episode, I learned that Doc recently had the opportunity to be in a reoccurring role for 50 cents hit TV series 'Power Book II: Ghost'. Major career move, right? Well here's the real ☕️: he turned it down because he didn't want to take the 💉! Red decided to put his health first and said opportunity doesn't control his morals and beliefs. I LOVE THIS GUY! If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. Unapologetically stand your ground in whatever you may believe in, but just be ready with the facts for the ones who might test your G. Stay healthy and stay Faded. 💋

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