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About The Show

Faded Truth Podcast focuses on breaking stigma in Cannabis, Creativity, Mental Health & Wellness, Taboo & Food.

Watch as our host, Angela Martinez digs deep with new talent Wednesdays at 4:20pm PT. Subscribe to the monthly membership for full episodes, private events and more!

The Host

Angela Martinez

Faded Truth Podcast was created by Angela Martinez during the 2020 Pandemic when her busy life was shut down abruptly. Always an intuitive & outspoken individual, Angela decided to create a platform where she could dig deep into the minds of creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs, all while promoting the healthy use of cannabis for physical and mental benefits. Her passion for meeting new people and hearing their stories stems from working over a decade in the service and sales industry, in her home state of Jersey and now new hometown, Las Vegas. “A lot of us grow up in a bubble. Moving across country was the best decision I’ve ever made for my future self. If you don’t like where you are, MOVE!” Faded Truth focuses on 5 main topics; Cannabis, Creatives, Mental Health & Wellness, Taboo & Food Porn. Whether you want to see upcoming musicians, find new ways to remain healthy, mind and body, or hear what the opposite sex is REALLY thinking, come get the Faded Truth. “My main goal with my platform is to break stigmas & educate others on all aspects of life. Starting my show and finding my passion has helped me mentally elevate and I want to share this AMAZING feeling with the world!”. A true Jersey girl, Angela holds nothing back with her fun & quirky interview style that will keep you watching and waiting for the next unique guest. So grab a drink, roll up, and LETS GET REAL!

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Faded Topics


Interviews with Cannabis Related Guests


Actors, Musicians, Creative Artists 


Mental, Physical, Holistic, Athletes


Chefs, Dining, Mukbangs


Adult Industry, Relationships, Sex Talk

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