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Unveiling Pfizer's Potent Plot: Big Pharma Makes its Move on the Cannabis Industry

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

What’s going on with my weed!?

I originally started my brand with the vision to break the stigma of weed, my first and always true love. Fast forward 3 years later and I've learned SO MUCH about the mental, physical, and spiritual healing properties of cannabis. So let's address the elephant in the industry. I'm all for people doing what they want with their bodies but LEAVE MY WEED out of it. Did you hear everyone's favorite pharmaceutical company Pfizer has invested BILLIONS into our sacred plant? It's not enough to instill fear in the minds of the whole world with media, politics, and religion, now we need to make sure our medicine doesn’t come with an extra hint of mRNA. They even got Martha! Your favorite homemaker has been in cahoots for years. Snoop, blink twice if you need help! A Story of Investing in Biotech — the One Where Martha Stewart Goes to Jail.

How Pfizer is entering the weed business.

It looks like big pharma is at it again with a 6.7 Billion dollar deal…Pfizer has recently decided to get in on the cannabinol CBD market with the acquisition of Arena Pharmaceutical biotech company and while this might seem like a good business move at first, I think it's important to look at the facts.

As unsettling as the prospect of a large pharmaceutical company entering the cannabis space may be, the reality of what this means is much more complicated. The fact is, while THC/CBD has recently been legalized in certain states, it is still very much in its infancy. As such, many of the risks associated with investing in the cannabis industry still exist.

The biggest risk is that the industry is largely unregulated and it is very difficult to determine which products are legitimate or not (luckily we have the legit ones in this article). There's no way for the consumer to know which products are of higher quality, and what the potential health impacts could be. This could potentially lead to health risks for those who opt to use THC/CBD-based products that come from a company that has spotty records when it comes to being “truthful”.

This is why it is important to KNOW YOUR GROWER. Even after moving to Vegas, I would only go to the dispensaries if my plug was out. I quickly realized I would go broke trying to feed my plant habit with the double-priced zips, and sadly you can see the quality diminish when your favorite brand has a change in its internal operations. But even from the plug, I've never had a conversation with the grower. I don’t know the people handling my weed or what their process is like. So now I support family farms; people who intentionally grow the plant with the love, respect, and same attention to detail you would want in anything you consume daily. This year I'm excited to announce that I've partnered with Sierra Living Organics in Northern California (keyword is organic) to bring my very own strain to fruition! I can't wait for yall to see what we come up with! Now that we got the good and the bad news out the way I have some more from trusted growers and legends themselves.

Essential Extracts Owner: Nikka T

First up is the FIRST guest that set off the launch of my very own platform Nikka T is a versatile DJ, Host, Cannabis visionary, educator, public speaker, hash maker, and activist! Coming to us from The Bay Area in California, Nikka T set his professional board sports aspirations aside to continue his studies at CU Boulder where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in 2007.

Not only is he an educator in the Ganjer program, Nikka T is the proud winner of 10+ Cannabis Cups with his Essential team and another 100+ won by clients using his Essential Bag Design and techniques. This man is the Top G of the hash game with his gentle and scientific approach to hash itself!

Today, Nikka T is keeping busy as an influencer in the cannabis industry. He founded Essential Extracts, the first legal Hash Company in the US and is an active DJ and host. From weekly and monthly Reggae parties to huge festivals and sold-out shows, Nikka T is constantly on the move, and” legend” has it with a spliff frequently hanging out of his mouth. If you want to experience the amazing combo of music and marijuana- swing by one of Nikka T's events and you'll be sure to stay lit 🔥.

Mendo Dope

“While big corporations are in it to make a million, we are in it for the people. This plant is here to heal the planet, not make you rich.” - Mendo Dope

This duo are literally ”weed superheroes”, often exposing corruption in hypnotizing melodic tunes that go with any form of ganja. Their "How To Grow" Youtube series attracted millions of curious fans, some brave enough to dive into the world of harvesting award worthy high-quality tree from breakthrough no-till soil. This is a must-watch episode with a lot of gems especially if you are planning on growing yourself! 🧪

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