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Happy New Year!

Season 2 Episodes Return Jan 19th!

So Ive been creating content solo for 18 months straight and although it is my passion, I have never stopped to regroup. From bookings & taping to editing & social media, website updates & learning technology, WHEW! Even Wonder Woman gets tired! Because hustling has always been necessary for me to survive, I always felt guilty if I wasn't being productive or making money, otherwise known as RESTING. This year I encourage you to dedicate time to loving yourself as much as you love others. When did it become ok to neglect your wants, needs or healthy habits for those around you? NEVER. Because you can't pour from an empty cup. How will you be the best parent, sibling, friend, or child if you haven't taken care of yourself mentally and physically?

It all starts with your choice to change! I hope you find things that bring you peace this year and remember to give yourself grace, we all gotta start somewhere! Feel free to catch up on the latest episodes in the meantime!

Ill see you on 1/19 with some kick ass ladies in Cannabis!

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