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Long Live Frenchy Cannoli “The King of Hashish”

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Who is Frenchy Cannoli?

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Frenchy Cannoli is the real deal, a true master of his craft. What set him apart was his relentless pursuit of purity and tradition, avoiding solvents and other modern shortcuts that could compromise the essence of the hash. His mantra is all about the natural, time-honored techniques that have been passed down for generations and the results definitely speak for themselves. A true believer in the power of open-source knowledge, Frenchy dedicated himself to educating thousands of enthusiastic individuals in the "Lost Art of the Hashishin" seminars. His writings talk about properly storing hashish and how aging requires the appropriate conditions to trigger the transformation to greatness.

The research paper, ‘The role of time and storage conditions on the composition of hashish and marijuana’ samples: A four-year study[ii] which assesses the degradation of cannabis flower and hashish in different “real life” storage conditions is instructive on the basic principles of storing. Oxygen, light, and temperature are the cause of cannabis flower and hashish deterioration over time. Each of these elements generates a specific sort of degradation during storage. The effect of oxygen is not as significant as the impact of light which influences important parameters in the polymerization process (the kinetic constants) of THC degradation into CBN and of the quantitative ratios of the conversion of THC into CBN (the stoichiometry). The temperature affects only the speed of the conversion of THC into CBN. Time is the very essence of degradation.

In this study, there were two lighting parameters: non-stop 24-hour light exposure or no light, and three temperature variables: 71.6°F (22°C), 39.2°F (4°C), and - 4°F (- 20°C). The THC levels of the material stored at 71.6°F and 39.2F independent of the light exposure showed almost completely degraded into CBN over the four years of the study.

Frenchy generously shared his expertise on multiple online platforms like YouTube and with his substantial following of over 200,000 on Instagram. He was also a passionate advocate for comprehensive public education following the legalization of cannabis. Not only did he work tirelessly to establish grading standards for hashish, but he was also a vocal proponent of regional growing certifications for cannabis production, drawing inspiration from the appellation d'origine contrôlée regulations that maintain the high standards of Bordeaux wines.

Since Frenchy's passing, his lifelong companion, Kim Hooks, known in the cannabis community as Ganjier expert 'Madame Cannoli', is carrying his mission to share the love and educate people about the beauty of hashish through his writings and upcoming documentary "Frenchy Dreams of Hashish". I recently had the opportunity to interview Kim on what the film will be showcasing and the amazing love story that brought them together. She gives us a glimpse into the mind of a hashish legend and how legalization in cannabis has changed the economics and politics of the industry.

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With roots in the Himalayas, Frenchy Cannoli is a true hashish wizard, perfecting this ancient craft for decades to produce some of the best hash on the planet. Frenchy's journey began in the '70s when he got hooked on hash after meeting some epic teachers in India. Here he also met Kim Hooks (soon to be Cannoli), who at the time was a lifelong connoisseur & aficionado of finely crafted chocolate (perfect match of taste). Through their world travels, Frenchy even apprenticed under a Nepalese master to get the authentic experience from the best hash makers while keeping tradition alive.

Frenchy's was all about quality, not quantity. He used only the finest resin glands, hand-selected for potency and purity, which he calls "full-melt" resin. And he doesn't use any solvents – it's an all-natural process. Where Frenchy differs the most from other ice water hash creators is pressing and curing the finished material most often in the shape of cannolis, but also as the rounded balls we’ve seen today. His temple balls are like little nuggets of pure gold, the resin being hand-pressed using traditional techniques, heating and cooling it in a rhythmic dance that's almost meditative. The result? A smooth, potent ball of hash that'll transport you to another dimension. He really appreciated the craft and it was nice learning more about the concentrate side of cannabis. Watch the full episode here!

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