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Vegas Top 3 Strip Clubs

Ever gotten ripped off at the strip club? You and the rest of the world. But isn't Vegas supposed to be the ULTIMATE fantasy? After starting in the industry young, I've always felt compelled to find the best strip club experience wherever I go. So far, the West Coast entertainment doesn't even compare to the East, but here are some Angie approved spots I've found to add to the beginning or end of your night out in the Desert.

  1. Palamino- the ONLY club in Vegas that's fully nude and serves alcohol. This is a big deal since in most places you'll be paying more than you want for a bikini dance. Cheap drinks, good music, relaxed dress code and decent looking girls but none approached us; this is common for women customers as some girls assume you're not going to give them any money. Not in a great area, but none of the good places are.

  2. Play It Again Sams- if you're ever depressed, down on your luck, or just bored AF this hole in the wall is the place for you. The 24 hr landmark doubles as a gaming bar and gentlemens venue, but from what the dancer waiting for someone to buy her next Titos told me, its a locals secret to hit big and no one really cares about the girls. They had personality though, which is more than I can say for most. This is a place you go into randomly with absolutely no expectations.

  3. Girl Collection- if you aint here to ball GTFO the club! I went here a few times with people who blew money like toilet paper in 2020 and it was a great time. Definitely the best variety of girls; all of them are pretty & "thick" which is hard to find out here in these venues, and food didn't make me sick so another star added. And you know if the owner, Floyd Mayweather, is hanging out by the bar, you gotta keep the money showers coming!

I know I know, being a women in these places isn't the same experience as it is for men. Y'all want SO MUCH MORE. Im there to party, meet new people and tip the girls. I've had fun times in Vegas, but Philly is still the hypest and I haven't tried Atlanta yet. Stay tuned for the next top spots in a city near you!


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