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Top 5 Bingeworthy Shows

We've all done it; pajamas, blunts, Uber Eats and a whole day dedicated to binge watching the new show that just captivated the world. Idk about you, but if I'm wasting a whole day being unproductive, it better be worth it. Here are my favorite shows you can always count on to keep you engaged and mind blown as you roll up for the next Season.

  1. Shameless- ALL TIME FAV. If you ever think your life is rough, watch the Gallaghers try and do the best they can with what they were left with for 11 seasons. Generational trauma and poverty run deep in this family as we see an abundance of drugs, sex, toxicity and ignorance. It was relatable for me; being born into struggle, can't pick your environment and always trying to get ahead even when you keep getting knocked down, all while trying to be a "good" person but knowing it's in your bloodline to be the opposite. The consistent challenges and unorthodox innovation of the Gallaghers will literally have you saying "WTF?!" in EVERY episode. Surprisingly, even after Fiona "moved away", the show still kept my attention and it was a perfect ending. Click here to see why she left.

  2. Breaking Bad-I didn't know if I was going to be able to get into this show at first due to the heavy reality of addiction being portrayed. Ive seen it my whole life & lost my brother to it, but putting aside my emotions, this was a great series. The unconventional duo of an OCD scientist & a degenerate punk cooking up meth in the desert is like watching a train roll off its tracks for miles until it finally crashes. The destruction these two Kingpins create both together and solo will make you shake your head and pat yourself on the back for having some sense. But hey, what would you do if you knew you didn't have long to live? GREAT ENDING.

  3. Dexter-Whoever made this show is def a serial killer. Robin Hood mentality but instead of stealing from the bad guys he just wipes them off the grid; sometimes unexpectedly, but most often his attacks are CALCULATED. Working in the police dept as a forensic analyst brings out his "dark passenger" often, craving punishment at the most inappropriate times, around people that would bet most on his innocence. The irony in the Season 4 finale was heartbreaking and one of the biggest turning points in the show. The fact Dexter is so calm while nearly getting caught the whole series shows "you can never put anything past the quiet ones".

  4. Power-Ok they went too far with the spinoffs, but the original series from start to finish was pretty good. Who doesn't love a good rags to riches story from the hood? The passionate lust story of Angela and Ghost(WHEW!) was all too familiar to life in my 20s. This show is a perfect example of how intense love and thinking with the wrong head can cloud judgement, getting you and others into irreparable damage. Check out my interview I did with a cast member where he tells me some shocking facts about everyones favorite sh*t talker, Tommy!

  5. The Chi- This show gets more intense each Season. Chicago culture is properly displayed throughout the series in multiple scenarios of entrepreneurship, revolution, struggle and change. Keishas kidnapping in Season 3 and Emmet & Tiffs rollercoaster relationship have been scenes I will always remember. Check out my interview with Jason Weaver who plays the diverse role of 'Shaad' in Season 4, where he challenges stigmas on gender identity & unfair expectations held over those who lack opportunity.


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