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Top 3 Las Vegas restaurants you didn’t know about.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Isn’t Vegas supposed to be the mecca of “great” food? If you’re having trouble finding the hidden gems, I totally get it. Coming from Jersey, the lack of service and seasoning was a culture shock. Luckily, I’m a foodie and I’ve gone through hundreds of restaurants in my short time here (you should see me eat). Here are my “top 3” places to dine when you’re not blowing money on delivery (curse you Uber Eats! 🤬). Ready? Let's eat! 😎

Capos Italian Steakhouse & Speakeasy

Yo, you gotta check out Capos, this place is FIRE! When I say it's in the “top 3” Italian spots in the Desert, you know you can trust my taste buds. This spot will take you back in time with the speakeasy theme and the host yelling through the peephole, “Whats your business here?!” Make sure you ask ‘em for a booth by the stage so you can take in all the live talent. Bobby is always there, killin’ it on the mic with the classics! BEST mushroom risotto and Veal Farm in Vegas. Everything Ive eaten off the menu(a lot) is outta this world phenomenal, baby!🤌🏽❤️

Bleu Kitchen Garlic Noodle Bar

HAVE YOU EVER CRAVED NOODLES? This self-taught chef started selling plates out of his house in Compton back in 2013 and from there his social media following just kept growing! After meeting the love of his life and current business partner, Sunni, they opened food trucks in LA that have catapulted into multiple restaurants and are now taking over the Vegas scene. They have been on the Food Network, the Thrillist, the Steve Harvey Show, TMZ & HBO, so it’s safe to say this power couple are two of the hardest working people in the culinary lane. The Ox-tail, Oh mah gawd! All it takes is one taste. 😝🍖🤌🏽❤️

Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant

If you're looking for a more cultural experience in Vegas, head past the Strip to the Marrakech "tent". It started back in 1979, when Mustafu Alioua opened one of the best Moroccan restaurants Vegas has ever seen. I had the pleasure of interviewing Tariq Ali, who took over the business fresh out of college. Creating the perfect fusion of Moroccan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, guests can enjoy an authentic six course meal complete with beautiful belly dancers! The shrimp scampi and couscous are to die for! 😭

That wraps up this dive into the edible culture of Vegas! If you need to know where not to eat, check out my 5 Resturaunts that fell off

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