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5 Vegas Restaurants that fell off 🫠 and 1 that’s on.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Time to state the FACTS!

Have you ever just had a strange feeling that your favorite restaurant is going downhill? Ownership changes can really put a damper on your beloved comfort food. Welcome to the place where we inform you, through local polls, the top restaurants that have gone downhill and which ones are killing it!

  1. Lindo Michoacan

What It Is: The Original Lindo Michoacán Desert Inn first opened its doors on January 6th, 1990, starting with just twelve tables. Today, it has three dining rooms that seat over 300 people and has expanded to two other locations. This place has been a legendary restaurant in the local community for its high-quality food.

Why it fell off: The food quality has really seen a dive. Food orders being “skimmed” – imagine ordering seven mares and only getting four fishes 🙄. Not sure where the high reviews come from; must be mainly from tourists that are too hungover to even care what it tastes like.

2. Olive Garden

What it is: Ok by now if you do not know what this place is you probably are too young to even be reading.😉

Why it fell off? Remember the good old days when we had warm breadsticks, minestrone that tasted like vegetables, and the chicken parmesan wasn't questionable chicken? This one hits home due to the nostalgic feeling and excitement of having a nice family outing with peach iced tea! Those days have ended, folks. Quality has been down for years now. I myself even had a situation where service was beyond bad: The food was an hour wait, cold, with warm peach iced tea, and the server had the nerve to throw the tip we left on the table at us as we were leaving! Can't make this stuff up!🫣


What it is: We are on a roll right now calling out the biggest chain restaurants so, might as well go with another nostalgic favorite! For those that do not know P.F. CHANG'S is an Asian/Fusion cuisine and atmospheric restaurant that caught popularity in the Y2K era.

Why it fell off: Maybe it was the buyout in 2019, but the food quality is another issue with this one. Chang's is not the same anymore. The flavors are not as fresh as they used to be, especially the BBQ fried rice and Mongolian beef. I regret that I cannot enjoy the delicious cuisine I once savored here.😫

4. Roberto’s Taco Shop

What it is: Established 50 years ago in Las Vegas, this 24 hr eatery is a staple in the city and has fed millions. With over 70 locations, Roberto's has been a landmark for locals to stop into after a long night of drinking or work to get a quick fix.

Why it fell off: “Roberto’s, now an institution in fresh, authentic, Mexican food, has kept a promise to the family that their commitment to quality, service and family recipes would never be compromised”. It’s been compromised, it’s literally jail food now. I can only imagine what the founders think of how bad the quality and presentation of their product has declined. This is a shame and a disgrace to the hard work and quality that the family set forth.

5. Hummus Bowls and Wraps

What it is: Mediterranean, Greek & Vegan inspired eats from all natural, locally sourced food. Served in a fast & casual lively setting, this place serves most of Las Vegas including, Summerlin, Summerlin South, Henderson, Peccole Ranch, Seven Hills, Macdonald Ranch, Green Valley Ranch and Anthem.

Why it’s falling off: Why do the potions keep getting mysteriously smaller? Why are we skimping on the Falafel Pillows? This place does have good quality food at times so it hasn’t fell off completely, but if Casper keeps stealing our food portions while taking the same money we might have to go full ghostbuster.

6. Rivas Mexican Grill

What it is: Rivas Mexican Grill in Las Vegas was founded 12 years ago. This is a new and slight twist to your traditional Mexican takeout.

Why it’s on: Great steak nachos, enchiladas are made with fresh salsa & food still tastes worth my money even being delivered. Sometimes the simple things in life “done well” are all you need.

That concludes our list! Hopefully, (I pray) some of these will come back up. Until then, if you have any restaurants you would like to add to the list email us:

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