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Jason Weaver: The Voice Of Simba, Michael Jackson & Now What?!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Faded Truth Podcast S2//Ep 15

I know y’all remember J-Weav! Hes a smart guyyy, do do dooo do do do do! Did you know a sequel is in motion? Click here for more!

Being a 90s baby, this interview was really exciting for me to do. I’ve watched him on hit movies like ATL, Drumline, and who doesn’t love belting out to ‘The Lion King’ soundtrack!? It was awesome getting to chop it up with a Chi-town legend!

This episode we dig deep into his newest character on the Showtime hit series, “The Chi”. Weaver plays Rahsaad “Shaad” Marshall, a tough minded character coming home to live with his cousin, Trig, after being away in prison for a decade. Marshall portrays all of the “expected” behavior of a convicted felon trying to acclimate to real life after incarceration. Skepticism, ignorance, embarrassment and struggle are the norm for those who try to become what we’re taught is an acceptable member of society. One of Shaads major struggles was accepting his cousins transgender parter, Imani.

He could not wrap his head around the idea that his OG cousin would even consider dating a trans female, let alone live with one. This makes his homecoming even more stressful as he has to adjust to living life with a person he would never talk to on the street. We see through Season 4 how stigmas of gender identity & expectations on those who have no opportunity are usually approached in communities of color. It was really nice to see a fresh perspective from someone who has grown up around those situations but chooses to enhance all his relationships with love rather than hate and judgement. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

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