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Best Organic Cannabis Farms Pt.1

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Photo credit: Sierra Living Organics

Are pesticides killing my Cannabis?

You ever smoke some “on special” weed from a dispensary and feel like you're geeked for no reason? Now if you’re thinking pesticides are the reason why your weed is giving you the “Heebee-geebies”, you are both right and wrong my friend. Pesticides are substances used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals, but people have always been fearful thinking that it’s something radioactive. What we don't realize is that plants have their own defense mechanisms and released during growth, terpenes make a neat fence of protection.

Though most cannabis producers do implement some sort of pesticide into their growing methods, there are still plenty of safe ways of pest management that will not harm consumers. But of course it's suggested and wise to buy products that aren't too heavy on them, because it will definitely affect your health and your high. Cannabis pesticides that cannot be used in CA So that's what led me on my journey of finding the perfect farm with top-notch quality. After many years and many trees smoked 😅 I present to you…

Sierra Living Organics

Who are they?

Deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, there is an ultimate mom-and-pop cultivation that has some of the smoothest, cleanest and tastiest weed I have ever smoked. What sets them apart is the care and intention that is put into the product as well as the living, no-till soil.

Photo credit: Sierra Living Organics

Nate and Brandy have been cultivating this closed-loop treat for over 30 years with rave testimonials from legends such as Mendo Dope Boys and Greenshock Farms. I've been taking samples on my travels for others to test and everyone had the same positive feedback about how leveled and flavorful the cultivars were as well as the surge of clean energy felt after inhalation. Currently, there is not much known about this hidden gem, but in the coming months I will be keeping all my loves updated on more of what they do and how my personal strain of Apricot Mimosa & Sierra Cherries is coming along! 💟


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