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What are DNA Drops?

natural immune support

How the plant DNA is added.

Ok guys, in my last article I told you about my newest business venture; building my wellness empire and helping you heal. One of the physical products you can shop for are these Acumullit SA Drops. This technology is pretty much a game-changer in the world of wellness. It’s like a super-smart extraction method that makes sure all the good stuff in our fave botanicals, fruits, herbs, & roots, stay functional and do their job on demand. This state-of-the-art technology uses a non-chemical extraction process, taking the phytonutrients directly from the plant cell and delivers to your DNA cell, taking the free radicals out of your body and allowing natural and effective healing that has been proven over and over again.✨

DNA Drops

Imagine this: they use this high-tech process to wake up all those plant compounds, turning them into tiny, powerhouse particles. We're talking nano-level! This means we're only getting the pure, potent parts of the plant, minus any extra fluff. 🌟

The plant cells get super thin, spilling out all their goodness – like vitamins, minerals, and those fancy phytonutrients and bioflavonoids. Basically, it's a nutrient party, and your body is first in line at the VIP. 🥳

These tiny, charged-up particles are like nutrient superheroes, super easy for your body to absorb. And the cool part? They mix these with non synthetic molasses and flavor to create yummy lozenges. So, you're getting all this plant power in a sweet little package. 🍬

bio hack supplements

How the DNA Drops are consumed.

Nutrition science is a rollercoaster for everyone, right? We've gone from hunting down the perfect diet, packed with all the vitamins and minerals our bodies crave, to popping not-so-yummy GMO pills and powders that barely make an impact after going through our digestive system.🤷‍♀️

And let's talk about how our soil's been low-key busted for years, plus those "organic" labels that are kinda suspect. We're all trying to dodge those nasty toxins everywhere while stressing over the zillion supplements we gotta take to stay on point with our health game. 😒

Well, welcome to my world of homeopathy! It's all about these under-the-tongue drops that get the good stuff straight into your bloodstream with 100% absorption. And homeopathy isn't new. It's been around for 200+ years, but it's been on the down low, thanks to some major shade by the million dollar opioid system. 🤫

So Im excited to introduce these vegan, halal and FDA registered plant based alternatives to pharmaceuticals with a revolutionary technology that is one of a kind. Just pop a candy under your tongue, let it dissolve and your body will recognize it as food, causing you to feel certain effects within the hour. For help with pain, sleep, cognitive, heart, respiratory, depression, digestion, weight loss, beauty and more, all 18 lozenges are packed with herbs, fruits and veggies that are 100% organic, non-GMO and completely natural and safe for adults, humans, pregnancy and pets. The versatility of being able to digest them instantly internally or dissolve in water and use topically, truly make these products significantly different from anything you’ve ever tried. 

natural digestive supplements


"DNA CANDIES" AKA APLGO™ negative ion PLANT DNA DROPS. 🍬🧬 These dissolvable bad boys work the same way, melting under your tongue and sneaking those plant DNA benefits straight into your cells. We're talking real-deal plant DNA from all those healthy fruits, veggies, and herbs in a convenient 30 lozenge supply. We’ve got some serious healing happening with our 18 (and counting!) types of DNA CANDIES! 🍬 ! And they're safe for kids, nursing and pets! Here's the lineup:

*Click pictures for more information on ingredients, benefits and purchasing*

stress relief vitamins
  • GRW: Amp up that immune system (kids love it too!). 🛡️👶

relax gummies
  • RLX: Calm your nervous system and have sweet dreams. 🌜😴

energy supplements for pregnant women
  • SLD: Better mobility and stronger bones. 🕺💃

best pain relief supplement
  • STP: Say bye to pain. One of my fav! 🚫🤕

blood sugar support supplement
  • NRM: Get those blood sugar levels right. 📊🌟

supplements for energy without caffeine
  • GTS: Boost strength and stamina – perfect for workouts or long days. 🏋️‍♂️🏃‍♀️

vitamins for fatigue and tiredness

how to get energy naturally fast

•     PWR Men & Women: Hormone harmony for all! 🚹🚺💞

best supplement for gut health
  • ICE: Chill out with smoother digestion and less heartburn/acid reflux 🧊😌

organic liver detox
  • HPR: Give your liver some love and detox viruses deeply but gently. 🍃💪

natural digestion remedies
  • MLS: Helps your digestion and elimination. Keep 'em happy! 🍽️👍

best heart health supplement
  • HRT: Say bye to heart meds and hello to blood flow goals. ❤️🏁

allergy relief
  • ALT: Allergies? Not a problem. Good for food and environmental toxins.🤧🚫

herbs to boost mood
  • HPY: Lift your mood and focus easier. 😊🌈

natural beauty supplements
  • BTY: For gorgeous hair, skin, & nails. 💁‍♀️💅

total brain health
  • BRN: Bye-bye brain fog- boosts memory and concentration. 🧠✨

best respiratory relief supplement
  • AIR: Top Seller! Clears respiratory, asthma and sinus issues promptly💨🦠

how to lose weight fast
  • PFT: Perfect body weight goals. ❤️🏁

Dont know which one to choose? We've got rave reviews from people loving these tasty lozenges! 🎉


I started taking SLD 7 months into my pregnancy due to something called, "Bladder Pain Syndrome". They've calmed my bladder down tremendously. Ordering more. Thank you!!


I started using the GRW 2 months ago because I dont have a strong immune system & get ill often. Ive been the only one who hasn't gotten sick this winter & I feel it's doing its job in strengthening my immunity. Thank you! Karen-New Jersey

I regularly get sharp pain on the back right side of my head. I usually take painkillers but they never fully help. I took one STP, started scrolling & within 15 minutes my pain was gone! I was shocked they really work! Thank you! Anibal-Nicaragua

I liked GTS because it gave me good stamina throughout my day & I was able to push a little harder in whatever activity I had going on. My boyfriend could NEVER sleep through the night until he started taking the RLX drops & now it's solid and uninterrupted! THANK YOU!! Mi'e-California

These supplements are really good!!! After my skate session, I took SLD and when I started stretching I felt better mobility, especially in my lower back and my legs had better blood circulation. The PWR Lemon gave me the extra boost I needed to start yoga again. Game changer! Toney-Virginia

I've had severe breathing problems and numerous hospitalizations due to asthma. I haven't used my inhaler since the FIRST day taking AIR. Thank you so much! It feels so good to take a deep breath! Monique-New Jersey

From stopping hot flashes in their tracks with PWR Apricot to stopping an allergy attack with ALT, peoples experiences with relief have been remarkable. My favorites are AIR for respiratory/sinus, STP for pain/inflammation, GTS for strength/stamina, and the HPR/MLS combo for a full body detox.

The cool thing about these drops is that you can mix and match them for various needs. Many health challenges need a combo meal that hits different parts of the body. For some, it can take a few days to figure out the right mix and doses for relief, but when it clicks, it's magic. We'll guide you on the right amount and timing based on your needs. And remember, these candies are all about ingesting a PLANT DNA life-force, so no worries about plant allergies or taking too much as there are no negative reports in over 12 years since the product came to fruition. For questions and recommendations email


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