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Vegas Top 5 Italian Spots

Are you looking for the tastiest places for carbs in Vegas? Well if your from the East Coast Tri-State like me, it may seem nearly impossible. Although I'm from Jersey, I'm not Italian. I know, shocking, right? But I've ALWAYS loved comfort food and it feels like good bread, wooder and service is hard to come by in the desert. Its taken me a few years, and I can never narrow anything down, so here are my favorite places to go when I'm craving the at home experience.

  1. Lavo- One of the first places I found when I moved here. If your staying on the strip and want a good meal that doesn't break the bank, this is it. I love outdoor dining, so make sure you ask for a patio seat so you can people watch the Strip as tourists, locals and entertainers shuffle by excitedly. The charred octopus and truffle gnocchi are my fav! If you're here in the winter they do a party brunch every Sat and the restaurant turns into a nightclub by noon.

  2. Capos- Found this gem a few months ago. The speakeasy theme will put you back in time as you enter a dark room, ring the bell and wait for the host to yell through the peephole, "What's your business here?!". Be sure to ask for a booth right by the stage so you can enjoy the live talent and the Jessica Rabbits' singing classics effortlessly on the mic. The Chicken Lucchese was a new dish for me and it is PHENOMENAL with the best mushroom risotto I've had to date.

  3. Trattoria Reggiano- This is my go to chill spot. I always love sitting at the bar because you get your drinks and orders in fast and the bartenders are always friendly. The eggplant rollatini and veal parm is bomb! And you can try the whole dessert tray like me, or stick with the lemon pound cake or lemon sorbet with the best presentation I've seen yet. If you're strolling through the beauty of Downtown Summerlin, this is definitely a place you want to check out.

  4. Bootlegger- This is such a Vegas place. Gaming bar on one side, full blown restaurant on the other. What attracted me was the nightly entertainment of singers, performers and artists. They even have a harp player! Love those different dining vibes. Garlic knots are on point and sangria is one of the best in the city. Best place for cheap but good food while getting the mom and pop feel.

  5. Battistas Hole In The Wall- Probably the most authentic Italian spot in Vegas. Right on the Strip next to the High Roller with a straight forward and small menu. The abundance of old school pictures and art bring you through a time capsule to an Italian home with Nonnas garlic bread and chicken parm. This place is always packed so make sure to make a reservation early.

I was STARVING for my first couple years after moving here so Im happy I finally found some good spots to share with y'all. None of it will ever be Jersey, but anything that reminds me of home works for me. Stay tuned for more reviews and subscribe to watch all my Food Porn!


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