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Vegas Top 3 Happy Hours

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Tbh, I dont really care if its happy hour or not, Im still getting what I want. But if your looking for 5 star dining at a 2 star price, here are some places Ive always had great experiences.

1. Cleaver-brother to the famous Herbs & Rye, this place has the speakeasy feel with all the bells and whistles. You can usually expect an upbeat environment with good music playing while business meetings, couples and wedding parties celebrate around you. Anything marked with the cleaver is half off including steaks, pasta and craft cocktails. My fav drink is the Porn Star; passionfruit and champagne YUM! For HH food, squid ink pasta is bomb and rare on the menus out here!

2. Firefly-this has always been a solid place since I moved. Refreshing sangria pitchers and tasty tapas make this a great atmosphere for parties to share. They changed their HH choices, but from the full menu I recommend the empanadas, steak and mushroom skewers, and apple manchego salad. If you can handle the 15 minute drive off The Strip, go to the southwest location so you can get a patio seat under the lights and sit in the cool hanging egg chairs

3. Dom De Marcos-This is a local spot you go to when you wanna throw on sweatpants to eat carbs and drink. Its a family friendly place so sit at the bar to avoid the kids; get some eggplant pizzetes, cheese pizza and some wine. They have a fire lasagna here too. The mom and pop feel reminds me of places back home.


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