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The Magic of MJBizCon: "Unlocking the Business of Cannabis Success"

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

MjBizCon in Las Vegas

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it’s only getting bigger. This has led to exceedingly more interest and an increase in the number of cannabis conventions popping up around the globe. One of the most popular and growing conventions is MJBizCon in Las Vegas. Nevada.MjBizcon was founded by Cassandra Farrington and Harrison Phillips in 2012 as a platform to connect industry professionals in the business of cannabis. Today, it is the leading cannabis business conference and expo in the world (in the world Craig! 🌍👮🏽), hosting an annual event in select cities across the United States and digitally spanning virtual streaming events. Through its topics, panelists, and global reach, MjBizcon introduces attendees to resources and experts for business success in the cannabis industry to build meaningful relationships.

What it’s like as an attendee.

At MJBizCon, attendees can expect to see the hottest products, learn the latest regulations, and hear from the “who’s who“ of the cannabis industry. If you convention “goodies” like me you can get MASSIVE 😛 amounts of free product, with the admission fee of course . This event is a great place to connect with vendors, pick up new skills, and take part in seminars. There are endless opportunities (we'll dive deeper shortly) for attendees to expand their knowledge and take part in high-yielding events.

How big is it?

MJBizCon is the world's largest cannabis business and networking event! With over 500 exhibitors, more than 175 educational and startup sessions, and over 30,000 cannabis industry professionals and entrepreneurs expected to attend annually, there are a great number of reasons why companies and individuals should attend MJBizCon. Attendants will benefit from the expansive networking opportunities where they can gain insights and make connections with the many movers and shakers in the world of weed. Additionally, those attending can discover better business strategies or better growing techniques, stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, and gain exposure to a wide variety of leading cannabis solutions. Furthermore, MJBizCon offers unique opportunities to learn from keynote speakers, celebrities, and industry leaders while also attending a variety of themed after-party events. With all the great reasons to attend, it’s no wonder that MJBizCon is an annual pilgrimage for so many ganja professionals!

Where is it

The Las Vegas Convention Center is located at 3150 Paradise Rd in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

(1 mile from the strip)

MjBizCon Tips

-Register for the expo in advance and book your hotel stay.

-Dress relaxed.

-Don’t be a booth stalker (lingering staring into space)

- Take advantage of special deals available only at the event.

- Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Make sure to dive into the “Call for Presentations” and sign up for any sessions that pique your interest. MJBizCon is making it easier to educate with dedicated Learning Labs and classes teaching you how to gain equity in the billion-dollar industry. Networking (It’s a theme here 🫡) with other industry tokers is a must. Link up with like-minded folks at After Hours mixers or book a meeting during the conference.

When you’re not in sessions, check out the vibrant and busy Exhibit Hall. Meet with exhibitors to learn about innovative solutions, or head to the Art Gallery where you’ll find incredible cannabis-inspired art.

Does MjBizCon Have Food and Entertainment?

Here is an example of how 2022 events were ran. For future updates, the photo above has a link of right where you need to go!

-DJ Jasepi will be throwin’ down jams

- ‘Meet the Influencers’ (See schedule below)

-Classic outdoor games including: Giant Jenga, Ring Toss, Cornhole, Giant Connect 4, and Golf Pong

-Grab all your friends for the 360-degree photo booth sponsored by Digital Mota

-Food trucks 😛

-Wednesday: Rolling Fusion & Lit Wings

Thursday: Southern Comfort & 50 Shades Greener

-Friday: Big Daddy’s & Taco’s Tijuana

-Lounging amenities and shaded seating

What type of industries go?

I had the pleasure of doing live interviews (click the photo to see more) at the El Hempe Speakeasy Mixer powered by Kontacx Media & Unforgettable Wine & Spirits. On this extensive episode, we dig deep into the minds of ambitious individuals breaking the stigma on cannabis in media, music, sports and more! Our roster includes:

Nadya Nataly- Award Winning Journalist

Jeremy Crittenden- Pemberton Liquor Distribution

Andre Cato- Teddy Riley Music Group

Tony Bash- 'El Hempe' Terpene Infused Tequila

Kevin Reynolds- Kontacx Media Group

Garrick Jones- NFL/CFL Commissioner

CampNova- Cannabis Delivery Service

That concludes our MjBizCon round-up! If you're still feeling like you could “take another hit🔥” here's another article to digest about our beloved Mary-Jane🌲: Pfizer makes its move on Cannabis.

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