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Dr. Sebi's Grandson: Izeah Bowman

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Dietary Resolutions

What companies do you know that are FDA Certified and have (on record) cured cases of Diabetes, HIV, and forms of Cancer? .. I’ll wait, but we are not going to wait too long because my guest happens to be the legendary Dr. Sebi's grandson. Let me take a bit of your time to give a brief description on who this human-made angel is. Dr. Sebi became an herbalist, healer, and natural health advocate after healing himself from obesity and asthma. In his home country of Honduras, he was best known for promoting herbal remedies to naturally and holistically treat various diseases and ailments. He was an advocate of living holistically, consuming plant-based foods, understanding body cleansing, and preventing disease through natural healing methods. He studied herbs from around the world and developed an alkaline-based nutrition program. He regularly taught seminars and workshops throughout the world for those seeking natural healing. His individualistic approach to health and wellness resonated with countless individuals and healed millions across the world. My guest Izeah Bowman has studied under Dr. Sebi all of his life and has countless stories (some never heard we touch on in our episode).

With a client list of names such as Shaq, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, and the Jacksons, Izeah Bowman is inspiring generations to take on healthier habits. With his no-nonsense approach and helpful tips on how to make gradual, lasting changes, Bowman is a leader in the nutrition field with results that match it. His mission to help people make dietary decisions that will both improve their health and sustain it has resounded throughout the community and touched countless lives. Bowman has created a space for people to take control of their health through mindful nutrition choices (say bye-bye to hybrid broccoli) and his enthusiasm for helping others has been inspiring (me included #SeaMossGang 😎) with the creation of his consultant-based health store, Dietary Resolutions. In this episode, we cover topics surrounding what it’s like growing up with Sebi, cases of healing, Celebrity health choices, and the truth surrounding Dr. Sebi's death.


Alternative healing methods may include various natural approaches, such as nutrition and dietary advice, herbs and supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture, energy therapy, exercise, and lifestyle modifications. In holistic healing, the practitioner takes an individualized and integrated approach, looking at the body, mind, and spirit as a whole rather than individual parts. My next guest, Jodeci Gonzalez, takes this approach by the horns and flips it into a reality! In this episode we cover topics such as companion healing and (my new favorite🤩) CBG Honey!

That wraps up this edition! If there is a business you would like featured, feel free to email me here: Click me!

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